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Things to do at The Lodge

Fun for all seasons

In the spectacular Swiss Alps, there’s no end to the activities on offer in winter and summer months.  

Whether you’re enjoying an invigorating hike through the mountains, skiing down the pristine pistes or pampering in the hot tub, you’ll find that at The Lodge, escape comes easy.  


Long synonymous with skiing royalty, Verbier is part of the four valleys, a renowned skiing area in the Swiss Alps.  

Although skiing is traditionally what people expect to find and do when they visit, there are some other great winter activities on offer in Verbier, well worth missing a few hours on the slopes for. 


Traditionally known for skiing, the Swiss Alps make for a wonderful summer destination too. From hiking to mountain biking, rock climbing to sunrise yoga and rock climbing, Verbier makes for the perfect adventure playground.  

Family fun  

The team at The Lodge are experts are keeping our ‘Lodge Rangers’ entertained while parents enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation during a family vacation in the Swiss Mountains.   

Since we know every Lodge Ranger is different and likes different activities, we don't operate a set programme but instead offer a fun and educational range of activities tailored to each of our younger guests.   

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