Have a healthy summer the Moroccan way!

6th June 2018

The team at Kasbah Tamadot, Virgin Limited Edition’s Moroccan retreat, have shared their tips for a holistic, healthy lifestyle;

Variety is the spice of life; and this couldn’t be truer in Moroccan cooking! The cuisine is known for using an abundance of vegetables and whole grains, but most visitors are surprised to learn that each recipe’s spices have been carefully selected to provide optimum health benefits. Cumin, commonly used in tagines, has been eaten since ancient times for its digestive qualities. ‘Ras el hanout’ spice mix, which can be found in most supermarkets, contains saffron to boost the brain and immune system and turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Time for Tea: Walk into any Moroccan home, and it’s likely that you’ll be greeted with a cup of mint tea. Moroccans drink several cups throughout the day, and it has been proven to assist digestion, prevent heartburn and bloating. Make a pot for yourself at home by brewing green tea with fresh mint leaves.

Spa Therapy: A Hammam is part of day-to-day life in Morocco, and it’s believed that the ritual’s heat properties are healing and rejuvenating, as well as providing time to de-stress. At Kasbah Tamadot’s spa, Asounfou, a Hammam is combined with a full body Moroccan massage to achieve maximum relaxation. If you can’t make it to Morocco, a hot bath with a few drops of rose oil can be a calming way to end the day.

Switching off: A ‘digital detox’ can relieve anxiety, aid sleep and boost productivity; and there’s no better location to do so than Morocco’s tranquil Atlas Mountains. Take inspiration from Kasbah Tamadot, where guests are encouraged to switch off mobile phones in communal areas and all bedrooms are free from televisions and computers.

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