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Our Commitment

Showing we care

From partnering with the Kenya Wildlife Service to promoting sustainable agriculture and teaming up with Wildlife Conservation Education to inspire the next generation of conservationists, at Finch Hattons we take great pride in looking after this magical place we are privileged to call home. 


A succesful 30-year partnership, Finch Hattons works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service who conserve and manage the country's wildlife and habitats for posterity.  The camp also proudly supports Save Giraffes Now, a vital force in safeguarding the endangered Maasai giraffe.

Partnerships with Amara Conservation who work to bridge the gap between people and wildlife by encouraging communities to engage in conservation for their benefit as well as the Tsavo Trust dedicated to securing a future teeming with life and vitality for both majestic wildlife and the resilient people of Tsavo further cement Finch Hattons passion for conserving the environment and protecting the animals roaming Kenya's oldest national park. 

Protecting Tsavo 

At Finch Hattons we have long prioritised green initiatives as part of our ethos. From the materials used to build the camp to the wastewater management system, we have implemented sustainable innovations that contribute to the preservations of our precious surroundings: 

  • Our camp is unfenced with animals free to roam, as they have done for centuries 
  • The water served to our guests is fresh from the Chyulu Hills and is bottled through the camp's own Vivreau bottling system 
  • Designed to have minimal impact on the environment, sustainable materials were used in construction, such as the Makuti palm leaves which make up the suites' roofs and provide a cooling effect 
  • Solar hot water heaters are powered by the Tsavo sun 
  • A recently completed solar famrm has allowed the camp to go competely off the grid 
  • Organic vegetables are grown on-site while modular farming systems and regenerative techniques are used , minimising water usage and waste

Supporting the community 

At Finch Hattons, 70 of our team members are from the local community and our many, such as our Camp Manager Jonathan who joined as a 19-year old after originally working for an organisation setting up water pans for rhinos have been with camp since it opened.  

Through a strong partnership with the local Maasai community, visitors to Finch Hattons can delve deeper into their traditional way of life by visiting a manyatta, gaining an understanding of their culture and traditions, contributing directlly to the empowerment and economic growth of the local community. A portion of the proceeds from these activities go directly towards supporting healthcare, education and infrastructure projects in Maasai villages. 

Our Partners 

Finch Hattons supports several non-profit organisations who share the same passion for conserving the environment, protecting the widlife and supporting the the resilient people of Tsavo: 

  • Kenya Wildlife Service
  • Save Giraffes Now 
  • Amara Conservation 
  • Tsavo Trust 
  • Iltilal Solar Initiative
  • Africa Yoga Project 
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