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Game drives

Untamed wilderness

Tsavo National Park is an adventurer’s paradise, a vast expanse of breathtaking scenery and extraordinary biodiversity. A safari here promises a uniquely personal adventure. Explore this immense wilderness and enjoy its wildlife with barely another vehicle in sight.



Twice-daily game drives

Game drives guarantee a thrill, with the chance to spot Africa’s biggest, most exciting game, while exploring myriad landscapes, stopping only to admire magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Expect to see red elephants, buffalo, bushbucks, giraffes, and cheetahs. You’ll also encounter hartebeests, impalas, lions, leopard, oryx, wildebeest, and more. For bird lovers, the reserve is home to over 500 species.

Chyulu Hills Game Drive

Explore the unique beauty of Chyulu Hills and its extraordinary cloud forest on an exhilarating game drive. Traverse the rolling plains and lush forests as you seek out iconic African wildlife against the stunning backdrop of ancient volcanic peaks. From graceful giraffes to indomitable elephants, every moment promises an epic encounter with nature’s wonderful wildlife.

Night time game drives

Game drives at night are available on request, offering an opportunity to witness the extraordinary wonders of the Africa bush at night. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the night, beneath a mesmerising starry sky, as you spot leopards, civet cats, genet cats and bush babies. 

Our guides

During our twice-daily game drives, you'll be in the capable hands of our experienced guides.

As no two drives are ever the same, you’ll have a front-row seat to some unforgettable sights across Tsavo West.

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