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Virtually Wild

Photography competition and virtual exhibition

The exhibition is now closed.

We’re excited to announce our first ever Virtually Wild exhibition has opened its doors. It showcases the top 100 incredible wildlife photography entries we received from our #VLEwild competition and will be live until 5th September.

We’ve heard the stories behind the image, learnt more about the wildlife behind the lens and, importantly, want to continue to shine a spotlight on conservation.

The competition

We asked photographers across the globe to share their inspiring wildlife shots between 5th June - 5th July 2022 to be judged by a panel of esteemed judges which included Sir Richard Branson.

The winner is Nicholas Tassoni’s picture of a band of Adélie penguins diving off an iceberg near Brown Bluff, Antarctica.

In second place is Erica Sinclair’s shot of Fig and her mother cuddling at Mahali Mzuri, Kenya.

Third place goes to Daniel Msirikale who captured a pair of cranes deep in conversation during safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

A big thank you to all those who entered our competition and shared over 900 wonderful wildlife images with us. We have been blown away by your brilliant captures of breath-taking moments in the animal kingdom.

The Judges

World Environment Day

This day is a global platform to inspire positive change. #OnlyOneEarth is this year’s campaign, which calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet – a conversation Virtually Wild hopes to drive forward by not only sharing photos of wildlife conservation, but also the stories behind them and the environment they live in.

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Terms & Conditions

Virtually Wild by Virgin Limited Edition - TERMS & CONDITIONS

The Rules

We know rules can be a little boring but please familiarise yourself with these before submitting an entry.

The winner must be eligible to travel to South Africa and if under the age of 18 must travel with a parent or guardian.

All submissions to the Virtually Wild competition will be subject to these rules immediately. You, the entrant ("you"), must fully read and abide by these Rules as they create a legally binding contract between you and VLE Limited.


(1) Virtually Wild Competition ("the Competition") is run by Virgin Limited Edition trading as VLE Limited ("us" or "we").

(2) The Competition is open to photographers of all ages. Photographers under the age of 16 years old will need to provide their parent/guardian’s details in the form submission.

(3) To promote the Competition, images submitted and those chosen to be exhibited as the top 100 entries may be displayed:
(i) in a virtual exhibition hosted by Virgin Limited Edition;
(ii) online, for example (including but not limited to) on the Virgin Limited Edition website, social media channels, press releases; and
(iii) in sales, marketing and press collateral in print or digital format.

The Virtually Wild exhibition shall be referred to as "the Exhibition" in these Rules.

Section 6 below sets out the specific license rights regarding the use of an entrant’s images.


(1) All entries need to be submitted by 11.00AM BST on 5 July 2022 ("the Closing Date").

(2) The Competition is open to anyone except current employees of Virgin Limited Edition.

(3) When you submit your entry, you agree:
(i) to abide by the Rules and ensure that your entry complies with the Rules;
(ii) to maintain the highest standards in all matters relating to the Competition;

(4) Any Rules which you do not comply with, will result in you being disqualified from the Competition with immediate effect, and your entry will be removed from the Exhibition if already shortlisted as one of the top 100 entries.

(5) The Rules we have drawn out are correct at the time of writing, however without notice, we reserve the right to:
(i) amend the Rules;
(ii) change the prize in accordance with section 5; and
(iii) cancel the Competition and terminate the contracts and licences created by these Rules due to unforeseen circumstances.


(1) All entries need to be submitted by 11.00AM BST on 5 July 2022 ("the Closing Date"). Entries can be made here

(2) You can submit an unlimited amount of images to the Competition and the images must be:
(i) in JPEG format;
(ii) no smaller than 1MB and no bigger than 25MB; and
(iii) without a watermark, border or signature.


(1) Your images must be accurate wildlife representations and captured ethically, therefore:
(i) entries must not mislead the viewer or misrepresent the wildlife, for example as a result of over-editing the image;
(ii) the caption and description submitted with your image must be accurate and true;
(iii) images must be captured without injuring or disturbing the wildlife or damaging their habitat.

(2) Should we have reason to believe that an image was captured in unethical circumstances, or gone through excessive post-production, we have the right to withdraw the entry.


(1) A panel of judges, appointed by us, will shortlist the top 100 entries, before selecting the top 3 images and the overall winning image.

(2) The panel of judges will base their decision on the image itself.

(3) We will contact the winner via email to arrange receipt of the prize, however this cannot be disclosed to anyone before we announce the top 3 images when the virtual exhibition gives live on 5 August 2022.

(4) The overall winner will receive the prize of a three (3) night complimentary stay for two (2) people at our Ulusaba property in South Africa.
(i) The prize must be claimed by 5 August 2023 and is subject to availability (blackout dates apply).
(ii) The prize cannot be substituted, transferred or exchanged. No portion of the prize is transferable or redeemable for cash.
(iii) The prize includes luxury accommodation at Ulusaba, all meals and beverages, twice daily game drives and a walking safari (weather dependant).
(iv) The prize does not include flights, transfers, private game vehicles and spa treatments.
(v) The overall prize winner grants us the rights to use the images taken during their stay at Ulusaba, for online use as well as in sales, marketing and press collateral in print or digital format.


(1) Images submitted to the Competition must be your own work.

(2) Should you be shortlisted as one of the top 100 entries, one of the top three (3) entries, or the overall winner, you therefore grant us the right to use your image(s):
(i) in a virtual exhibition hosted by Virgin Limited Edition;
(ii) online; for example Virgin Limited Edition website, social media channels, press releases; and
(iii) in sales, marketing and press collateral in print or digital format

(3) Whilst we will credit you, the photographer, in the virtual exhibition, there may be instances when your image is used without credit for marketing, sales and PR purposes. Therefore, you agree, that we will not be liable to you in these instances.


During the image submission process, we will collect personal data about you (and your parent/guardian for those under 16 years old). Read more about our privacy policy here: