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Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot: An apple a day

As regular guests to Kasbah Tamadot will know, September marks the start of apple season in Asni. Over 500,000 tonnes of apples are cultivated across Morocco, so there is a huge amount of fruit available to inspire and delight the taste buds.

You're in luck if you're staying at Kasbah throughout September and October, as our Chefs have created a new tasting menu which is packed full of apple-based delights. Take a look at some of the new dishes that you can expect to find. Be warned, your mouth may start watering!

Apple jelly with ginger and verbena espuma with lemongrass & Celery and apple in remoulade, goat cheese in a walnut crust

apple 1

Steamed sea bream fillet , mashed apple, fennel Virgin sauce with argan and mango oil

apple 2

Saffron confit lamb shoulder, roasted apple with honey

apple 3

Apple Mehancha and roasted almonds topped with vanilla ice cream

apple 4

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