Keeping the magic safely alive...

A message from Kenton Jones, our BVI General Manager

With our beautiful paradise re-opening on 1st December, my team and I are so looking forward to welcoming you to Moskito Island, home to 125 acres of natural beauty and our very own unique island that goes beyond conventional villa rental. When we opened the island earlier this year, we were getting ready to welcome our first guests, so we have already waited patiently enough. You can only imagine how excited we are to officially welcome back our guests and introduce you to the first of our estates - the very special 11-bedroom Branson Estate on Moskito Island.

However you choose to arrive in the British Virgin Islands, you can be assured that we will ready and waiting to greet you with the same Virgin Limited Edition magic that we are renowned for. We may not be able to greet you in quite the same way and our face masks might well hide our smiles, but we will still have smiling eyes; ready and waiting to create your own truly unique island experience.

It goes without saying that you can have complete peace of mind that we will be carrying out the most meticulous of cleaning measures even before you have set foot on Moskito Island, or on one of our boats; ensuring that every single touchpoint is covered throughout your stay. Each member of the team has received new Covid training, which we will be continuing to refresh, adapt and improve, to ensure we are always one step ahead.

Your Safety


Travel is bound to feel a little different at the moment but as a guest of Moskito Island, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge our teams are there every step of the way to assist you with entry requirements into the British Virgin Islands. From advice on registering and uploading your pre-arrival COVID-19 test results on the BVI Gateway website to guiding you through testing on arrival, downloading the tracing mobile app and briefing you on quarantine guidelines and follow-up tests, our team will liaise with you at all times, ensuring a seamless experience throughout, be it pre-arrival, on arrival and while on island of course.


We will most likely be meeting you at Beef Island, which is where your experience will start as we whisk you off in style on our private boat to your private estate. You can have every confidence that once we meet you, our boat that will take you would have been rigorously cleaned and we will have hand sanitiser onboard ready for you too.

On Arrival

We ask all of our guests to kindly complete a medical questionnaire as well as take a quick Covid test on arrival at Beef Island, which we hope you will understand is for the safety of you and your party, as well as other guests and our staff.

However you are choosing to arrive in the beautiful BVIs, our friendly Reservations team will be happy to support you in planning your arrival and discussing the best options available to you. We will be awaiting your safe arrival with a refreshing glass of bubbly – and some hand sanitiser too!

Checking In & Out

We want to make your stay as simple and relaxed as possible and that’s why we have created our own little welcome pack that you can expect with all the usual private-island luxuries that we will never compromise on. Each of our guests will receive a face mask (Virgin Limited Edition in style of course!), sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for your convenience, to use as you wish.

We will then talk you through all of the different options available during your stay to ensure you feel as at home as possible in the privacy of your own estate, whilst still getting the true luxury private island experience that makes Moskito Island so unique.

As hard as goodbyes are, when it comes to it, we'll make it as seamless and easy as possible for you.

Our Team

When you arrive on Moskito Island, we will be doing everything we can to ensure it feels like home and that is equally the same for our staff too. You can have every confidence that the team looking after you throughout your stay will have been strictly monitored in order to best protect our own little island safe haven. This will of course include the daily temperature checking and the use of on-site COVID-19 testing (both antigen and swab) supported by our specialist medical provider.

In addition to the normal strict protection measures we have in place throughout the island, such as hand-washing and the wearing of masks, we have also implemented zoning on the island for our team – just as an added precautionary layer. Our guests of course will still have the luxury of the whole island to enjoy – just with the added assurance that our staff will be remaining in their specific zones. This coupled with the BVIs having one of the lowest rates of COVID-19, allows for complete peace of mind throughout your stay.

Flexibility & Simplicity

We understand that everybody’s level of concern is entirely personal and while our promise is that your safety is our number one priority, we want to ensure that we are working to your comfort level.

So, whether that’s choosing not to have housekeeping during your stay, or providing you with the same member of staff every day where possible, you can have complete confidence that we remain fully flexible, adapting our processes around your preferences and ensuring that you have as memorable a stay with us as ever.

Keeping It Clean

We give you our absolute word that we will be carrying out the most meticulous cleaning measures, which will also meet, as a minimum, new local regulations now in place throughout the British Virgin Islands.

You may notice a few temporary alterations on the island and to the rooms within your estate as we do our very best to keep our guests safe. Rooms will still have the same beauty and extra comfort that they have always done, but as we strive to increase safety measures, we ask you to kindly bear with us.

Clean Hands

For the comfort of our guests, we have placed hand sanitiser stations throughout the island and have replaced all cloth hand towels in public areas with disposable hand towels. We encourage you to use these whenever possible.

Temperature Screening

It is our number one priority to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of all of our guests and staff, and with that in mind, we hope you’ll understand that we will be carrying out thorough medical checks even before you arrive on island. This will include asking you to complete the medical questionnaire and taking a quick temperature check as well as the COVID-19 test.

We understand these are slightly strange times but hope that these preventative measures will give you complete peace of mind in allowing you to relax and enjoy your stay with us.

Medical Support

Should you have any health concerns, we have a fully qualified paramedic on island, as well as medically trained staff and a specialist medical provider readily available 24/7 throughout your stay.

The BVI Government has done extensive work to better prepare the BVI hospital for any cases and they now have new ventilators and strict procedures in place at the hospital to deal with any cases.


Please rest assured that we will not be compromising on the incredible dining options we offer as part of your stay and we understand that being able to dine in different locations on the island, as well as your own estate is all part of the experience. We will however, be making a few small changes to how we serve your food and to ensure there is social distancing between the chef, our team, and you and your guests.


We all love to be pampered every now and then - and that’s why we’re doing our very best to continue with our spa offering on Moskito Island which already comes with the benefit of privacy in the comfort of your own estate. This is likely to be a more limited offering compared to normal and where we can, we will continue to make use of the incredible outdoor spaces we’re privileged to have on the island – should you wish of course.

Needless to say, by their very nature, our spa treatments have always had very strict hygiene protocols, so you can rest assured our therapists will be carrying out your treatments in the safest way possible.

We will do our best to keep you informed about our spa services prior to arrival.

Water Sports

The crystal-clear waters that surround Moskito Island mean that guests can enjoy some of the most breath-taking activities on and in the water. Whether you want to go snorkelling, kitesurfing, sailing or any of the other countless activities on offer, we hope you’ll understand that our new measures are there to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

From adhering to social distancing during lessons to providing you with your own sanitised snorkel and mask for the duration of your stay, you can be confident that your safety and that of our staff remains our absolute priority.

Our team will be sure to keep you updated before you arrive on property, but if you have any questions about particular activities or our third party partners, please do reach out to our friendly reservations team who will be happy to help.

Tennis & Land-Based Activities

We know lots of our guests like to stay active during their stay by playing tennis or participating in other land-based sports and whilst we still strongly encourage this, some things might look a little different at this time.

With your health and safety top of our mind, we have implemented rigorous cleaning measures for all sports equipment. As with everything else, we will also ask you to kindly respect social distancing during sporting activities, so you and our staff can confidently enjoy all the experiences we have on island.

Children's Activities

With plenty of outdoor adventures and activities on offer, children are guaranteed the time of their lives on Moskito Island. While some activities for your little ones may vary at this time, you can rest assured your children will always be in the safest of hands.

We will be providing masks for children to use should they wish and just like the thorough cleaning processes we have in place for the adult activities, we will be implementing these same measures for our children’s activities too.

The team will take the time to talk through these measures in more depth on your arrival, so you can relax in the knowledge that there is no such thing as boredom for your children on our island.


How long will these measures be in place?
We can't put a date on that as it very much depends on government advice, but we will continue to review all of our measures and ensure they remain in line with local law whilst keeping both our guests and staff safe.

Where can I find out more about local regulations?
The British Virgin Islands has an extensive list of protocols in place for entry to the island. We strongly recommend visiting the official website for the Government of the BVI to read the latest on the new travel guidelines and local regulations.

Will I need to take a Covid test on arrival?
Your safety is our absolute priority and therefore we kindly ask you to observe the new safety protocols of the British Virgin Islands and those in place on Moskito Island. These protocols include a Covid test on arrival in the BVIs as well on Moskito Island during your stay, ensuring additional peace of mind for you and your guests.

Will I still be able to enjoy the water sports facilities or leave the island during my stay?
Rest assured, once you set foot on Moskito Island you won't want to leave. Any quarantine conditions the Government of the BVI's may impose will not impact on our water sports or other activities within a reasonable distance of the island.

What if I don't want housekeeping?
That's completely fine! We will be limiting housekeeping services to once a day at our properties, but should you wish not to have housekeeping during your stay just let us know and we'll ensure our team are aware.

What happens to my luggage?
Your luggage will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised at every single touchpoint upon arrival and departure, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

What are the procedures for any of your suppliers coming to the Island?
All of our suppliers and third-party contractors are fully briefed before they even step-foot on island and are required to follow the exact same guidelines and measures as our own Moskito Island team. The wellbeing of our guests and staff remains our number one priority, so we will never compromise on the rigorous measures we have in place for whomever visits us on island.

Who provides your medical support?
We have a longstanding relationship with Prometheus Medical, a specialist medical company delivering unrivalled emergency, medical support in the form of medical training, equipment, strategic advice and deployed clinical care. A highly trained paramedic is also permanently based on island, with 24/7 telephone access to medical specialists. We are further equipped with full medical kits including oxygen, primary health care medication, intravenous medication, multiple defibrillators, cardiac monitoring and trauma kits.