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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri news: Mahali Mzuri team does the Mobot

Check out our Mahali Mzuri team doing the Mobot Kenyan style! Mo Farah"s famous "Mobot" celebration move has been turned into a dance and our fabulous team at Mahali Mzuri have taken the challenge and put together a dance to raise money for the Mo Farah foundation.
The Lodge

The Lodge news: Dancing like a Mobot

The Lodge team have swapped the skis for dance moves to get behind the Mo Farah Foundation. Check out our team as they put their best foot forward and do the Mobot dance to raise awareness and money to build an orphanage in Somalia. Virgin Media's ambassador Mo Farah's the "Mobot" move has ...

Ulusaba news: Pack a gift for Pride 'n Purpose

Our Pride 'n Purpose team are asking our guests visiting in December to help us with some Christmas cheer. We're organising a Christmas party for the Orphan and Vulnerable Children of Dumphries our local community and we need help ensuring each child has something to unwrap!. Our aim is to put together Christmas boxes for: ...

Ulusaba update: Feast on the river

There was an unprecedented amount of predator activity at Ulusaba over the past few days owing to presence of two deceased hippos along the river. After the floods back in January the river has become very shallow along much of its length save for a couple of pools which large pods of hippos use to ...

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