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Arbor month with Pride ‘n Purpose

The guest experience goes beyond the adventures of the bush and into the lives of the surrounding communities as we gear up to celebrate 'Arbor Month' for the month of September. Pride 'n Purpose, our charitable arm, invites all our guests staying during September to visit the local villages where you'll have the opportunity to ...
The Lodge

Luxury and sustainability working together

Anyone who has visited us knows our team work hard to ensure all your requests are catered for. There's so much more that goes on behind the scenes to make sure the food and the service is brought to you in the most sustainable way possible without compromising on luxury. We've put together a video ...

Safari snaps

A camera is essential when you're visiting as you never know what you might snap around the lodges or on safari. Our Rangers and Trackers have some great tips on how to interpret animal behaviour so you can capture some outstanding pictures you'll treasure forever. Check out some of our favourite images.

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