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Celebrating Arbor Month

Hi All, The Month of September in South Africa is Arbor month - and Ulusaba will be recognising this by planting, planting, planting.... For just ZAR80 - you can sponsor a fruit tree to be planted in our local village of Dumphries where we are hoping to plant 400 trees and more in the month of ...
Necker Belle

What's in a name?

In last week's blog I mentioned that Necker Belle was formally known as Lady Barbaretta. Well, it's only been a few months since her name changed, and whilst we've all adapted to this fresh new name, there's still quite a process required in the renaming the yacht. As you're probably aware, sailors are a superstitious ...

Sanding on!

Hi there all, After a long wait for extra sand bags (which I might add did not appear), we decided to finish off the building using potato bags! Yes potato bags - as we like to say a lot around here - Make a Plan - and a plan we made! So after returning from ...

Tribute to Makwela, Ulusaba's Legend

For all the years she created unforgettable adventures, and to all of us who treasured her existence her legacy will live forever... A tribute to Princess Makwela It's a short clip but her images speak a million memories!!! From the Ulusaba family...Goodbye Makwela!!!

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