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Wellness Month at Virgin Limited Edition

How we communicate with others in the workplace is at least as important as how we communicate with our customers, and at Virgin Limited Edition in June we went back to basics with a month-long wellness program for the entire office. From the physical to the mental, our team was put through its paces with health checks, a Zumba class, a mindfulness session and a race up the stairs to the top of our 10 storey building amongst others.

Five people from Virgin Limited Edition holding various posters from Wellness Month

Don't the team look well?

While Wellness Month in 2015 focused purely on physical wellness, this year our People team set themselves the task of exploring and incorporating a wider range of issues that surround employee wellbeing to help us as a team become more collaborative and understanding. For each week in June they organised activities, events and literature to focus on different aspects of wellness. Here is a breakdown of how our Wellness Month rolled out:

Week 1 - Physical Wellness

With help from our friends at Virgin Active we organised BMI health checks for all team members, a lunch time Zumba class and lastly a hellish circuits training session. Members of the team also took part in a daily squat challenge and stair climb competition. We now all have thighs of steel!

Week 2 - Emotional Wellness

Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress at work and at home. It also involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, whether positive or negative. We invited mental health charity MIND to carry out a 'Lunch and Learn' session about emotional wellbeing in the workplace. The session outlined the stress triggers and tips to enable us to acknowledge and cope with stress and depression effectively. Our People Development Director Lyn Weimer added her skills to emotional wellness week by carrying out a mindfulness session.

8 team members from Virgin Limited Edition and 2 people from Cool Earth standing next to a board with environmental facts

Getting the low-down on environmental wellness with Cool Earth

Week 3 - Financial Wellness

The focus for week 3 was to look at financial wellness aimed to help team members cope with financial pressures. Money Fight Club came in to run a workshop designed to help our team members 'punch above their weight' where financial wellness is concerned. Everyone also received little desk piggy banks to kick start their savings.

Week 4 - Environmental Wellness

During our final week the aim was to make us all aware of our natural environment and what impact we can directly have on our planet. Award-winning charity Cool Earth ran an interactive brunch session highlighting all the fantastic work they do with villages in the rainforest affected by deforestation. The session was then followed by a giant team game of 'eco' snakes and ladders. We also all took part in an online interdepartmental eco-action game which definitely bought out the competitive nature of some of the members of our team, not mentioning any names...

Team members from Virgin Limited Edition standing on a giant snakes and ladders board

Giant snakes and ladders anyone?

Having reached the end of Wellness Month, all the team at Virgin Limited Edition's London office are collectively feeling more connected and content with one another. Spending time away from our desks has given us an opportunity to consider all aspects of our wellbeing, speak to more people outside our immediate team and generally have fun! Thanks very much to our People team in for helping pull this together. Roll on Wellness Month 2017!

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