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Sharing the #SRA Love #MakeFoodGood

You might have spotted us talking about the Sustainable Restaurant Association's campaign #MakeFoodGood which inspires people to "give a fork" about what and where they eat. Let us jog your memory, they're asking chefs from within the SRA community to "make a pledge" to communicate all the amazing sustainable initiatives that they are doing to make their food so good.

We love an opportunity to talk about the environment and the chef's across our collection have got together to make some awesome sustainable pledges! Read all about what the Kasbah Tamadot team pledged here and The Roof Gardens here.

Necker Island supports a charitable initiative called "Pack for a purpose"; we ask our guests to save a little space in their luggage to bring some educational essentials like crayons, rulers and calculators to Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary School, this is one of the first schools that was built in the area which has 120 pupils ages five to twelve years old. We work hard to support the school and our chefs on island have pledged to teach the students about food provenance and cooking skills. Watch this space we love to recruit locally, perhaps one of the pupils will grow up to be one of our next head chef.

#MakeFoodGood #MakeFoodGood

Ulusaba are all about organic ingredients and they aim to improve the local environment through the implementation of organic food gardens. They've pledged to support local organic initiatives by buying their herbs from the local Kasani School, source Hlulani Farm Eggs, and buy Moses cabbage and spinach. They've also gone one step further in creating their own Ulusaba kitchen team motto "Creating food with thought and cuisine with a conscience" we have a feeling this is going to catch on throughout the Virgin Limited Edition collection.

#MakeFoodGood #MakeFoodGood

Last but certainly not least our sustainable champions, The Lodge in Verbier. These guys really know how to bring you the most sustainable dishes without ever compromising in luxury. They recently created a video highlighting all of their sustainable initiatives including the local cows aka the milk suppliers, their partnership with "Give Me Tap!" and the local cheese producers. For anyone that has been to The Lodge, you'll know that Cheese and Wine are a main feature throughout the stay so it's no surprise what the team made their pledge on.

#MakeFoodGood #MakeFoodGood

The #MakeFoodGood pledge will be running until the end of October, why not get involved? We'd love to hear what pledges our guests make.

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