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Marathon update from our runner Craig

I am running in the Virgin London Marathon popup: true in April for the very first time, but I love athletics and to run this marathon has been an ambition of mine for several years.

I have chosen to run for NAM popup: true, one of Europe's most trusted providers of information for people living with HIV and AIDS and those who work to support them. NAM popup: true does exceptional things that really change lives
by sharing useful, reliable and responsive information on HIV and AIDS. They provide their service to anyone anywhere and at any time, free of charge. Their information enables people to take control of their healthcare, understand and adhere to HIV treatment, develop better dialogues with healthcare staff and ultimately live longer, healthier, happier lives.'You can see more details of NAM's work (and view my marathon training blog) at popup: true.

Training is very much in full swing and managed to complete my longest run to date last Sunday 16 miles!! I have to say a big thanks to my friend Steve who ran with me in Southampton (who actually is also running the marathon!). Still managing smaller runs throughout the week to build up more miles and also going to the gym and swimming. It is certainly a good way to loose the kgs!

Have to say that I am already on my second pair of trainers (not a cheap sport) and is not due to the amount mileage I was doing, but they were the wrong design for me was getting horrendous blisters on the arch of both feet. My new ones are like running in slippers! Looking forward to the 16th March for the GMs challenge popup: trueand will be cheering three of them on in person and shouting encouragement down the phones to the other ones. Thanks all for taking part and helping Rebekah and me out.


To donate to Craig's massive marathon challenge, click here

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