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Virgin Limited Edition: It’s here! The 2016 VLE Christmas Game

There are many 'moments' that signal the start of the festive season. Putting up the Christmas tree, eating a mince pie, singing a Christmas carol or two... However, they all pale into insignificance against the launch of the Virgin Limited Edition Christmas duck-themed game, and that day has finally arrived!

This year, our Christmas game is 'The Big Snowball Fight' . Based on the classic video game, Space Invaders, your challenge is to help Father Christmas hit as many of the VLE ducks as he can with snowballs until the time runs out (or until Santa loses all his lives to falling eggs!) .

With the help of Bluesky [link behind Bluesky to their website?], we have been making duck-tastic Christmas games since 2010 when we launched Christmas Quackers. The reason we started producing games was because we felt sending traditional printed Christmas cards to our contacts (and forking-out a lot on postage costs) wasn't the best use of funds. Instead we have since donated money annually to various charities including Starlight and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

In order to reminisce about Christmas's past, we've decided to take a walk down memory lane for you to remember where it all began. While sadly you won't be able to play these Christmas classics, it would be great to hear which ones you remember and enjoyed playing the best!

Don't forget, you can play our 2016 game 'The Big Snowball Fight' now. Simply head to and make sure to share your score with us on social media using the #VLEChristmasGame.

2010 - Christmas Quackers

2010-1 2010-2

2011 - Quack Attack

2011-1 2011-2

2012 - Christmas Quackers


2013 - Quaker Stacker

2013-1 2013-2

2014 - Quack-Man

2014-1 2014-2

2015 - Quacktris

2015-1 2015-2

2016 - The Big Snowball Fight

2016-1 2016-2

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