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Celebrating #WorldAnimalDay

With our properties located in some of the most amazing settings in the world it goes without saying that observing and protecting the natural environment is very high on our agenda.

In the heart of the South African bush, Ulusaba shares its habitat with 300 different animal species, from the giants (the ellies) to the beasts (the buffalo) – and that’s not including the 850 different kinds of birds!

Over in Kenya at Mahali Mzuri, within the private Olare Motorogi Conservancy the number of visitors and vehicles allowed into the area at any one time is restricted. This not only helps to protect the environment but also creates a uniquely natural safari experience for guests.

Our expert team of Rangers and Trackers at both properties have the ultimate respect for the bush, ensuring that we operate with minimal impact and help to protect animals from poachers, as well as monitoring the health of the local wildlife.

We couldn’t imagine a world without animals. That’s why both Ulusaba and Mahali Mzuri are involved in many local initiatives to protect the beautiful African bush and its inhabitants. One of the key ways to help local communities, and future generations, understand the importance of the natural habitats around us is through Education.

Through Ulusaba’s charitable arm Pride n’ Purpose, we’ve partnered with Foundations for Farming to provide training workshops for local farmers on sustainable farming methods such as moving away from chemical heavy farming and not over farming the land which is essential for wildlife to thrive in. They also teach similar workshops in local schools.

By increasing awareness of wildlife conservation and supporting animal welfare on #WorldAnimalDay we can help to make a better future for our planet’s ecosystem.

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