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A sneak peek at Moskito Island

Moskito Island

We've got some exciting news to report from the British Virgin Islands. Just 2.5 miles as the crow flies from Necker Island is Moskito Island, where work on the Branson Estate has just been completed. This new development joins our collection by the end of this year and you're amongst the first to see what's in store.

Moskito Island

On the last leg of the journey to Necker Island by boat, an island looms large on the left as you make your final approach. Until recently uninhabited, Moskito Island has been a hive of activity over the past few years, and work has now been completed on the Branson Estate, featuring 11 bedrooms spreadover three villas, each with an infinity pool, fully equipped kitchen and access to the island's recreation area.

Moskito Island

Headland House sits on the tip of the island and has three guest bedrooms including the Master Suite, a comfy living and dining area as well as a wraparound infinity pool. Beach Villa is a cluster of houses belonging to Richard's daughter Holly with an enviable sheltered position just above a sandy beach with views out to sea and up to Headland House. The four elevated rooms are set back from the water and connected by a raised wooden walkway that also leads across to neighbouring Mangrove Beach Villa. This is Sam Branson's villa which also has four bedrooms arranged around a central house.

Moskito Island Moskito Island

Two tennis courts, watersports facilities and dining pavilions are just a short walk away, and you could be amongst the first to experience these stunning villas which join our collection in time for Christmas 2015.

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