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World Rhino Day 2020: A Blog by Liam Burrough

The 22nd September 2020 is World Rhino Day. Liam Burrough, Specialist Field Guide at Ulusaba, in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, has put together this very special blog post in honour of the rhino.

For fifty million years the rhinoceros as we know it today has not changed. Locking eyes with a wild rhino is reminiscent of something from the age of dinosaurs. As adults, these formidable herbivores have no natural predators in the wild. Sadly with man's invention of gunpowder and the pressures of a rapidly developing human world, the rhino in Africa has been removed from as much as 90% of its natural range.

We now find ourselves at a precipice with the fate of all five remaining rhino species hanging in the balance. If our choice is indifference then we will find ourselves with the unimaginable task of explaining to future generations that we were the ones who doomed the final giants of our planet to the pages of history books. We are the custodians of this living planet.

To lose the rhinoceros would be to lose a part of ourselves.

Save the rhino.

We asked the team at Ulusaba to talk about World Rhino Day and what these majestic creatures mean to them - watch the full video here:

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