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2009 - where are you going!

Hi all,

Ok - I know, no updates for a while so my apologies all - here is a little taster of whats happening with Pride 'n Purpose.

We bid farewell to our volunteer, Anthony. Anthony did a Stirling job in the village, met some great friends but most of all, made a difference! While he was here, he managed to install 2 rain water harvesters at houses that belong to orphan and vulnerable children; connect another rain water harvester to the roof gutters at a pre-primary school. He revamped 2 sets of climbing frames for the kids, as well as add new tyre swings; helped us plant over 143 trees in one day, set up a written manual on how to order and install the rain water harvesters, helped us with a nutrition document; not to forget the various shopping trips he was sent on and the language barrier issues, I am giggling to myself right now just think about it! I honestly never knew it was going to be so hard to send 2 men from different cultural and language backgrounds into a normal supermarket to buy food! you can just imagine! WOW - that was all in less than a month! Well done Anthony and a very big thank you! Your input and sense of humour was greatly appreciated - many good memories there!

We are still busy with organising unforgettable Christmas parties in the village! We will be holding 3 parties with gifts and sweets for the kids of the 3 creches we have helped build and support! this is around 196 children this year! We are hoping to be able to support each kid with their very own personal Christmas gift this year! If you are interested in helping out and spreading some Christmas cheer this year, please email
me at and I will gladly guide you on how you can! Thanks goes out to everyone who have responsed so far! The kids are going to have a blast!
We are also busy collecting goodies to make up school back backs for our kids for the start of a great 2010 school year! So if you are heading out this way and would like to contribute in some way, pop in some rulers, pencils, chalk, crayons - general school stuff - into your bags and we will be putting together back packs for 25 kids of Dumphries village so start them off to a fabulous great school year! If you are not joining us here at Ulusaba, and would like to be a part of a child's education, please pop me an email on and we will chat about how you can do this!
Now for a little fun! See how the Ulusaba friends and family are support Richard Branson's run next year in the Virgin London Marathon - all you have to do is video tape your self doing the Running Man and Virgin will donate 5 Pounds to a charity - check it out! Great fun! See some of our videos here and on - we have managed to collect 10 already! Its fun and easy - no co-ordination needed as you will see!

Okey Dokey Folks - Must be off! Chat soon!

Keep well


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