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What will you be doing with your 67 Minutes?

Our beloved Nelson Mandela will be turning 93 on the 18th July! What an amazing achievement amongst everything else he has done!

18th July also happens to be Richard Branson's birthday too!

So to celebrate and to honour this day - 18th July is Nelson Mandela Day! Our Tata spent 67 years making the world a better place. Mandela day engourages people around the world to contribute at least 67 minutes towards bettering their community! Plant a Veggie Garden

So at Pride 'n Purpose we have 2 events on the go - Plant a Veggie Garden and Stock a School Library!

We will be going to our village on the 18th July and planting 4000 seedlings at one of our Orphan and Vulnerable Childrens Homes for 67 minutes! We need as much support as possible, so if you are around and want to be involved - please give us a shout and join us for a morning set to be filled with planting, mulching, watering and fun!

The next event we have on the go is a book drive to collect at least 67 books for the new library we will be building at the high school shortly! We are looking for : Reference books including English dictionaries, thesauri, and unique reference books; Multi-cultural and multi-racial books; Books with universal themes (friendships, animals, love); Books featuring Africans or African-Americans; Books about Health and Science; Educational children's science and literary magazines in good condition; Books about Agriculture and Animal Husbandry; Books about Gardening; Books about Business; Books about Careers and Jobs; Books about Current Events; World History or African History books; Travel Books, Atlases, and Country Specific Reference Books; Reference books for Arts and Hobbies; Ecology and Environmental books; Biographies (especially famous Africans like our Nelson Mandla); National Geographic mags (especially with articles featuring Africa); Educational Games, Brain Teasers, Flash Cards, and Puzzles!

The list is long so if you have one or a few that you can spare - please pop into your bag on your way to Ulusaba or contact us to see how we can get them shipped over!

To see how else you can get involved - log onto

We had an incredibly successful Virgin Unite Staff Connection Trip this year with over £15'000 raised to kit out a pre-primary school in need! A New Jungle Gym, a Treehouse, a Vegetable, herb and Fruit garden, a sandpit, new educational toys, tyre obstacles to name a few! Well done and thank you to all involved!

Hoping everybody is well and we will chat again soon,

Lots of Love