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What a way to celebrate SPRING DAY!

Hi from a very hot and sunny South Africa!

1st September is the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere and boy has the weather let us know that winter is a thing of the past.

Orange Trees to take home
Orange Trees to take home

Spring day happened to be one of the hottest days we have had so far with the temperature reaching 36 degrees celsius out in the village of Dumphries. This was to be the day we kicked off with our Arbor month celebrations too.

We headed into the village of Dumphries to start our mission of planting 400 trees for the month of September and what a great start we had. We set off with 8 trees, 6 watering cans, 4 Ulusaba guests, 4 Ulusaba staff and 4 Ulusaba Cubs. No I did not forget to mention spades - I plainly forgot to take them!!! But as always we made a plan and managed to find one spade to dig the holes and the Ulusaba cubs had their own plastic spades too! So crisis averted and holes were dug.

We planted 3 trees at Jeremiah Creche and the 5 ladies who volunteer at the school each received their orange trees to take home. Watch this 40 second video to see us in action.

To date we have managed to raise enough funds to purchase 146 fruit trees - 254 off our target of 400! Going great guns!!! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

If you wish to help us reach our target, please conact myself or visit to donate online. For more info on how you can be involved or just wish to be kept in the loop email myself at

For our southern hemisphere folks - enjoy the Spring and soak up the sunny Summer rays! For our Northern hemisphere friends - embrace Autumn and welcome the winter wonderlands!

Chat soon - Lindsay