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Ulusaba offers: Take the kids for free

Ulusaba Kids go FreeIntroduce your little ones to the African bush and the 'Big 5' - that's lions, buffalos, leopards, elephants and rhinos! W're extremely family-friendly and kids (known to us as cubs) of all ages are welcome to stay at Rock Lodge. Our 'Kids Go Free' offer is valid until 18th December 2012.

Take a peak at a few of the things your cubs could be getting up to while they're with us...

We'll organise a treasure hunt around Rock Lodge - how good are your tracking skills?!
Ask your Ranger to tell you about the animals in the bush, or perhaps listen to a bedtime story with milk and cookies!
See what you can spy around Rock Lodge. We can arrange a short excursion to spot lizards, insects, and birds
Settle in to watch The Lion King or Madagascar on DVD, and see if you can spot some of the characters' friends from the game vehicles during the day (only if you're at least 6 years old though!)

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