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Ulusaba bush news: Celebrating the King of the jungle

Tomorrow we will be celebrating World Lion Day and we're asking you to give some thought for these incredible creatures. A big shout of support and thank you to all our loyal guests who have supported us over the years. Each time you visit our us you are helping to protect these majestic creatures.

Many of our guests will be very familiar with the prides around Ulusaba and it goes without saying that in order for any pride to be successful, males are needed. We are fortunate enough to have a coalition of 4 outstanding males known as the Selati Males. These males originate from the southern part of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and do a spectacular job at protecting their piece of land and in turn their cubs.

We have two resident female prides on our property and thanks to their fathers seem to be doing a great job at raising their young.

The Ximhungwe Pride are likely to be seen moving around the western part of the reserve, and pride consists of 3 females and their 6 cubs (two from each female) they were all born roughly a month apart from each other and their ages range from 9 to 11 moths old now. This is the pride Ulusaba guests have gotten to know and love.

The second pride is the Ottwa Pride. They are found more in the eastern part of Ulusaba and also consist of 3 females but they have 8 cubs. Guests are often blessed with male and cub interaction with this pride as the females seem to trust the males allot more than the Ximhungwe pride do.

When you first see a lion you cannot but feel in awe, a feeling and picture you will carry with you forever but these creatures are threatened.

To find out more information about World Lion Day please visit their website.

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