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Ulusaba news: Celebrating Mandela Day

Over 80 guests, staff and community members came together last Friday 18th July to celebrate Mandela Day 2014, joining us for 67 minutes to celebrate Nelson Mandela's legacy.

The 67 minutes reflects the 67 years that this South African icon served his community and it was as always a wonderful opportunity to honour his memory.

Together we planted 6,700 seedlings, 5 trees and new vegetables for the vegetable garden, which when it is ready will feed 200 children a healthy meal every day.

We recently built 4 new classrooms that were in need of a splash of colour, so our volunteers got to work with creating fun motifs on the classroom walls. We think they look great!

A big thank you to all of those that helped out on the day, take a look at some of the photos that we took on the day...

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