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Arbor month with Pride ‘n Purpose

Pride 'n Purpose

The guest experience goes beyond the adventures of the bush and into the lives of the surrounding communities as we gear up to celebrate 'Arbor Month' for the month of September.

Pride 'n Purpose, our charitable arm, invites all our guests staying during September to visit the local villages where you'll have the opportunity to plant a tree, that will have many benefits for the community for the future.

The goal for Arbor Month is to improve the quality of life and create sustainable settlements by giving low-income communities fruit or indigenous trees to plant at their homes in South Africa. Trees still supply the basic elements of life oxygen, water vapour, food, shelter and fuel and are an efficient way to offset carbon emissions which contribute to global warming

How can you help?

Join us for a community tour and plant your own tree on our local villages.

Donate a tree to our local schools and we'll make sure the tree is planted in your name.

If you want to help out during Abor Month and get your hands dirty for a good cause, contact Pride 'n Purpose for more information

Pride 'n Purpose