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Ulusaba news: Happy 95th Birthday Madiba

To celebrate Nelson Mandela's Birthday and Mandela Day over 60 of our team and guests joined us in the village to give their 67 minutes in celebration of Madiba.

We also had some 'Happy Birthday Richard' balloons as a little celebration for Richard Branson's birthday as well. Even though it rained all day it was the perfect celebration with our volunteers helping us sort through hundreds of books for the high school, planting a vegetable garden and getting out there and helping the local community and reflecting on what the day is all about!

The Ulusaba team were all amazing, helping out with cooler boxes, chatting to our guests, along with organising all 60 people involved in the day!

True Ulusaba spirit shined through the rain yesterday and we thank everyone who got involved for their support.

If you'd like to show your support you can make a donation to honour Nelson Mandela's legacy, please visit for more details.

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