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Sightings in the Sabi Sand Reserve | 25 June

Weekly Game Report: 25th June 2021 by Trevor Savage, Conservation Manager at Ulusaba

The week started with an incredible sighting of Thlangisa on #sofasafari. We were trying to find the cubs but unfortunately we couldn’t so as we went live we found what looked like a drag mark on a hippo path and while we were chatting about the path we heard what turned out to be Thlangisa hoisting her kill not far from us. We enjoyed a great sighting of her in the most beautiful light as we finished, we made space for another vehicle, and she started to come down the tree but as she turned a branch broke and she fell out of the tree. It was incredible to see how she spun on to her feet and land and then get away from the hyenas. You can watch the episode here.

Thlangisa on #sofasafari

The Othawa pride and their cubs have been a huge highlight this week. The managed to kill an adult giraffe not far from the lodge. We had four days of great viewing as they devoured the giraffe, as the lions finished off the carcass it was great to see the vultures and hyenas finish off the leftovers.

The day after the lions had moved off, we found them lying up in a clearing on beautiful winter's morning. We were treated to a spectacular sighting of the cubs being very playful in the morning golden light. Our guests were completely blown away.

Some members of the Othawa Pride with their cubs

Bonk! Two of the Othawa Cubs playing

The general game on our property has been fantastic. Besides the high profile animals sightings, we have enjoyed great sighting of a variety of general game species. The crocodile and hippo sightings in the winter months along the river and at Xikwenga Dam have been great.

A warthog we saw this week

The winter sunsets are always a very special way to enjoy an afternoon sundowner, and to then get ready for the excitement of what nocturnal animals we can find.

Here are some of the pictures I took this week:

A wintry sunset

Two zebras

One of the Othawa Cubs

A crocodile we saw along the banks of the river

Hippos in the Xikwenga Dam