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Ulusaba: Conservation is King


Conservation goes hand-in-hand with ecotourism and community development at Ulusaba. Our hands-on conservation team is committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing the Bush and its precious wildlife.

Karl Langdon, General Manager at Ulusaba, explains in his own words why conservation initatives, including protecting endangered species such as the rhino are so important...

"Rhino poaching is currently at crisis point. By the end of 2015, the number of African rhinos killed by poachers had increased for the sixth year in a row with at least 1,338 rhinos killed by poachers across Africa in 2015, with 1,175 recorded in South Africa alone.*

Rhinos were once abundant throughout Africa and Asia, however despite intensive conservation efforts, poaching of this iconic species has dramatically increased, pushing all remaining species of rhino closer and closer towards extinction. Law enforcement plays a crucial role in deterring poachers, however a variety of strategies are needed to combat poaching, not just for rhinos, but all endangered species in the African Bush.


To help support these anti-poaching initiatives a Guest Conservation Contribution has been introduced to all game lodges in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve to protect the reserve's endangered animal species. For all bookings, R100 per person, per night will be added to each guest's invoice. This money will then be distributed to the Sabi Sand Nature Conservation Trust.

Besides supporting the region-wide Sabi Sand Nature Conservation plan, my team at Ulusaba are constantly reviewing and developing new conservation solutions, such as the elimination of plastic water bottles to combat the amount of plastic waste. Roughly 50% of waste at Ulusaba is recycled. Last year we introduced "grazing lawns". With the help of a Sabi Sand ecologist, we did a soil analysis of two identified areas to see what nutrients were missing from the soil and we added these nutrients back into the earth using fertilizers. The long term goal would be to improve the grass cover in the local area, which would have the knock-on effect of attracting more grazing animals.


Our goal is to continue to make Ulusaba a pristine property, protecting this delicate ecosystem for future generations to enjoy."

* Statistics compiled by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission's African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG).

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