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Ulusaba bush news: Wild dog update

Ulusaba bush blog

The bush is looking amazing at the moment with all of the rain and the bush is lush and there are pools and pans full of water everywhere and the Sand River is flowing strongly. The flower life, insect life, the bird-life and the wildlife has all been impressive over the last few weeks.

One of the highlights though has definitely been the presence of the wild dog pack for the last few days. They have treated us to some awesome sightings. The other afternoon, just after leaving the lodge, we found the pack lying up in a dried river bed.

Ulusaba bush blog

They were all asleep when we first got to them, but that soon changed as some of the older pack members approached the remaining five youngsters. This set them all off and we soon the whole pack running around us playing, squealing with delight. No sooner had the chaos started, that it ended and all the dogs went back to sleep in the shade. We left them there and that was where they spent the remainder of the evening.

Ulusaba bush blog

Until next time,

Ryan Johnston and the Ulusaba Team

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