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Ulusaba bush news: Ranger updates at Ulusaba

Our afternoon safari drive on Monday started off around the hyena den site which was very active with 8 cubs out ranging in age from 8 weeks up to 4 months with one large female in attendance that had come in to feed her cub. We noticed she had the smallest of the cubs approach and allowed to start suckling but one slightly larger cub began begging and displayed subordinate behavior. Initially the advances were met with aggression but persistence pays off and the cub was then allowed to suckle with the smaller one.

The rest of the afternoon we slowly made our way toward the area where the lion sighting was situated but decided to rather head after dark to try catch the cats as they became more active. The plan was good but on arriving in the area where the lions were left we found no lions. We began circulating the block to try pick them up on the road or at least find where their tracks had crossed but came up almost empty handed.

Casually following the spotlights arc I caught a glimpse of a shape in the corner of my eye and asked Anios to shine again. There he was, an Aardvark, the first one I have seen in the 7 years in the Sabi Sands, slowly walking parallel with the road. We were approaching a road junction and parked across to watch as he came into the open. He got onto the road, stopped, and watched us. This amazing animal, with its overall pink colour and long pig like snout looked so out of place in the bush but yet perfectly designed to deal with its nightly dangers and having a whole host of other species reliant on its remarkable digging ability for den sites and cover regarded us for a couple of seconds before drifting back off into the bush. A sight never to be forgotten!

That's all for now from the Ranger and Tracker team


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