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Ulusaba bush news: King of the castle

Ulusaba Game Reserve

This morning, our illusive cheetah boy made an appearance much to the excitement of almost the entire western sector, who hustled and jostled for a glimpse at this beautiful cat. Having picked up fresh tracks in the far southern section of the reserve, we set our expert trackers onto them and it wasn't long until he was located, mincing around in classic cheetah land - big open plains, aptly named "cheetah flats".

Ulusaba Game Reserve

Ever confident, he made his way to a huge termite mound and sat upon it like a king on his throne, surveying the land beyond and keeping a watchful eye open for the next meal. With the lush green landscape behind him and a busy sky, it made for stunning photographs and very happy people, both rangers and guests alike!

And to top off the morning, we had word that the pack of wild dogs are heading our way from the east.

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