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Ulusaba branches out for Arbor Month

September is all about ‘Arbor month’ at Ulusaba, it’s a chance for the team to dig deep (literally) and support Pride ‘n Purpose’s mission to build sustainable settlements through planting fruit and shade trees in the surrounding communities.

Trees are an essential way of life for local communities as they supply oxygen, water vapour and food, as well as providing the materials for tools, fuel and shelter. They also benefit the environment by stabilising the soil against erosion and helping to slow the rate of global warming.

This year, the goal for Arbor month is to plant 100 trees in September, in honour of Nelson Mandela’s centenary celebrations.

Guests staying at Ulusaba during September are also invited to “Plant a Legacy” with us and join a community tour to the village of Dumphries, where you can roll up your sleeves and plant your own tree for ZAR500 or have a tree planted on your behalf for ZAR250.

Last year, 28 guests helped Pride n’ Purpose to plant 50 trees, donated by Kruger National Park. Through these activities, the preschools and local communities will benefit from the fruit trees and indigenous shade trees as they continue to grow for generations to come.

Go beyond the safari adventures and turn over a new leaf by supporting Arbor month, for more details contact Pride ‘n Purpose or speak to one of our team at camp during your stay.