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Ulusaba: Arbor month is here

It’s one of our favourite times of the year again at Ulusaba as we roll up our sleeves to support Pride ‘n Purpose by planting trees in the local community.

In South Africa, Arbor Week is celebrated during the first week of September each year and is supported by the South African government to encourage everyone to plant an indigenous tree.

Here at Ulusaba we dedicate a whole month to it! This means more of our guests staying with us during September can join in and support our charitable arm, Pride ‘n Purpose, by helping plant trees in these local communities adjacent to the Sabi Sand Reserve.

This year, Pride ‘n Purpose have a rather special donation of 35 bicycles which have been donated to the Ian MacKenzie High School to support the 14-16 year olds that would usually have to walk 5km each way to school. On the same day the team will also be helping to plant 10 trees around the school, and there are a further 20 trees ready to be planted later in the month - tree-rrific news!

Over the years more than 1,700 fruit trees and indigenous trees have been planted in the local community. Not only do the trees provide shade from the hot South African sun, the fruit trees are a great source of food for communities to enjoy, with fresh mangoes, oranges, avocadoes and papayas ripe for the picking!

Fancy turning over a new leaf? Travel with purpose at Ulusaba and get involved with Pride ‘n Purpose to make a difference. Whether it’s a community tour, volunteering opportunities or donations, there’s plenty of projects that would benefit from your support.