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Time to celebrate

Silly season has hit Pride 'n Purpose with a bang and there is much to celebrate!

We are very proud to announce that Pride 'n Purpose has been honoured at the recent Imvelo Awards, South Africa's responsible tourism awards. We picked up first prize in the 'Best Social Involvement Programme' category and we also received a special mention by the chairman of FEDHASA (Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa) for 'the hard work accomplished and the investment that they make to the local community'.

It truly has been a kids Christmas with Pride 'n Purpose in the villages. Over the past 2 weeks we

have thrown parties at the three creches we support. A massive thank you to all our guests and friends that donated so generously to make these parties happen.

Musical Chairs, an international croud pleaser

At Mandla's Creche - our newest nursery school - the 30 little ones were wide eyed and excited about the party. One of our guests donated a bag of Pooh Bears so each child got their own teddy bear, one of the children fell so in love with Pooh that she couldn't stop kissing him.

Next on the party circuit was Jeremiah's Creche and one little girl came dressed for the occation, see her photo below complete with hair pins and fancy handnbag! It was a very festive occasion with party food, presents and bubbles.

Our final party was held at Deyani Creche. We were joined by guests Michael and Lars and LLane, Taeghan and Tazmin from Ulusaba . Again the kids were very excited to see us and very well behaved.

They sat in neat little rows under their big marula tree while we handed out their party snacks, presents and bright yellow balloons. Eventually the combination of Christmas excitement and sugar kicked in and it was clear we needed to find a way to burn off some of the excess energy! Llane suggested a game of Musical Chairs - Taeghan's favourite game! - so we set out Dumphries' longest musical chairs train ever. After some initial confusion the little ones soon got the hang of it and the game proved to be a total hit!

Cornelius, the local artist/entrepreneur we have been supporting, has also been doing very well this festive season. So far we have sold nearly 100 of his beaded Christmas cards and he has also been comissioned by the Lodges to make various decorations for their Reused/Recylced Christmas theme.

He is now selling his wares in the Curio store alongside all the new Pride 'n Purpose merchandise (t-shirts, caps and 2010 Calendars). If you'd like to order your 2010 Calendar please contact us and we will send them to you, they are R130 each, plus postage. Yet another reason to celebrate this month is that we have got final sign off to complete building works on Wisani School. The 5-classroom should becompleted in January, hopefully in time for the new school year.

Speaking on new school year, we are still running our Back to School fundraiser. If you would like to contribute towards our backpack and stationary drive contact us to get involved.

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