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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Hi All,

Can someone please tell me where January and February have gone!!! I cannot believe we are already in March - I suppose the saying is right when they say ''Time flies when you are having fun".

Well, Pride 'n Purpose has been having lots of fun for sure! And where do we start.

The Ngobeni Kids have moved into their new house. It has been painted and looks smashing! (We will wash the windows!)

About 50 families around Dumphries, Justicia and Lillydale all received food buckets very kindly donated by Ulusaba. We had just on 100 buckets to hand out - so it took Mandla and myself a good while to do - but we managed.

When Noah, a guest from Safari lodge asked to join Mandla and myself on a day out we were not expecting to walk away with having bought a goat!! Yes a goat! James, Noah's tracker for his stay at Ulusaba wanted to join us for the day to show Noah where he lived. And as a Thank you, Noah bought James a goat to add to his collection of 2 already! Great idea and lots of fun had in learning how to purchase a goat from a local goat farmer. Pictures of this experience to follow!

The Sizabantu Bakery has also been doing great. We stopped into see them yesterday and found they have started their marketing campaign with sign boards placed along the roads. For all of you who do not know about the bakery, it all started when a group of 12 ladies received in working condition bakery equipment but did not have the initial start up funds to get their baking started. Pride 'n Purpose has loaned them an interest free 6 month loan as well as set up a business plan for them!

On a sad note, we had to say farewell to our 2 volunteers that we have had here for the last 6 months. Paul and Genette have left Pride 'n Purpose and headed back to the UK as their 6 months was up! We have had a great time working with them and we hope they too have left here knowing how many people they have touched and knowing they have many African Friends who will think of them fondly and often! As Cornelius (our wire and bead entrepreneur) said to me on Friday - 'Lindsay, are you coping with out them?' As we say out here - see you just now!

Well thats all for now!

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