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Ulusaba: The Masungulo Preschool

We love to hear from guests after their stay with us and in particular hearing about their reactions following time spent with the Pride 'N Purpose team. Getting the opportunity to see and hear first-hand the positive impact our Pride 'N Purpose team have on the lives of families living in the area is almost always something our guests say stays with them for many years to come.

After a recent stay at Ulusaba, two of our regular guests were incredible kind to donate to Pride 'N Purpose to help with the construction of the Masungulo Preschool. Their generous donation will make an enormous contribution towards the completion of the project.

The Masungulo Preschool currently consists of one single-room structure. With this new donation, the plan is to build a new structure that consists of 2 classrooms, 1 office, toilets, kitchen, jungle gym and a small vegetable patch. These new facilities will totally transform the school and the lives of the pupils and teachers who go there. Over the next few months, we'll make sure to keep everyone updated on how the project progresses.

A huge thank you to all of our guests who have generously donated to Pride N' Purpose over the years!

The Masungulo Preschool Children at the Masungulo Preschool The Masungulo Preschool