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#SofaSafari - Episode 7

This week’s #SofaSafari started with Stuart causing a slight delay as he was still in makeup…we weren’t lying when we said the rangers at Ulusaba love to go the extra mile!

Makeup ready, Trevor & Stuart (with Brad filming) headed through the bush, following hyena tracks until they were led off road. Driving carefully through a dense thicket and dodging any sensitive tree species, Trev & Stu pointed out the beautiful and fiery red colours of the Tamboti trees that particularly stand out at this time of year.

Safely out the other side of the thicket, the hyena tracks led us to one of Tlangisa’s cubs who was perched high up a tree, still tucking into a big lunch. Down below a couple of hyenas had settled at the foot of the tree, waiting patiently for any leftovers. The hyenas’ calm behaviour was a pleasant change from the loud cackling they make when fighting – did you know that’s where the nickname ‘laughing hyena’ comes from?

With Tlangisa still out of sight we headed over to Ryan & Tom (with Brandon on the camera) for part 2 of the game drive. It was just your typical Monday afternoon traffic jam in the bush, Ryan & Tom were surrounded by a breeding herd of about 30 elephants, mainly females. Interestingly, female elephants born into a herd generally stay in the same herd for life. All parked up the rangers gave us the perfect view of an elephant crossing with even the little baby calves crossing the track.

Trev & Stu had tracked down Tlangisa, who was sipping a sundowner at a low-key spot, not far from the local watering hole so we headed back to them. The monkeys however had also spotted Tlangisa and began warning others of her presence. The rangers explained that as Tlangisa’s tale was curled up, it was unlikely that she was interested in hunting but just wanted a quiet drink! Tlangisa soon set off, disappearing over the horizon and drawing this week’s game drive to a fitting close.

Watching a leopard drinking is quite rare, so we were extremely lucky with this weeks sightings!

Watch episode 7 on YouTube here.

Spotted on Sofa Safari #7
• Tlangisa, the female leopard
• Tlangisa’s cub
• Hyenas
• A herd of elephants