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#SofaSafari - episode 2

Whilst everyone was watching at home around the world, our Rangers at Ulusaba brought us the second episode of #SofaSafari live from their home – the bush!

Although we sadly aren’t able to welcome guests to Ulusaba at the moment, that hasn’t stopped some of our resident wildlife paying us a visit and making themselves at home at Safari Lodge, one of the two lodges at Ulusaba.

Watch part 1 on YouTube here.

Trevor & Brad spotted some large elephant tracks at the start of the drive and took a closer look, the fresh tracks meant the elephants weren’t far. They jumped back in the vehicle and soon came across a bachelor group of five elephants at the Treehouse Suite watering hole at Safari Lodge… turns out they had come by for their very own sundowner.

Watch part 2 on YouTube here.

Just a short distance away from Treehouse Suite, Brandon & Ryan came across the Ottowa pride of lions who were having a little afternoon nap down in the dry riverbed, just by the River Rooms. Doing what they do best, they were pretty sleepy but watching them with the sounds of the South African bush was almost enough to send anyone to sleep!

Watch part 3 on YouTube here.

We then caught up with Trevor & Brad again, Brad wowed us with a close-up of a golden orb web spider, also known as the ‘hyena of the spider world’. He explained how it’s one of South Africa’s most recognisable spiders and gets its name from the colour of its silk. It was a beautiful sight that even the arachnophobes said they were wowed at.

Watch part 4 on YouTube here.

Any safari fan would know that an afternoon game drive simply isn’t complete without a sundowner, so in true Ulusaba fashion we parked up just by Rock Lodge and joined General Managers Karl & Llané Langdon for a quick drink at the local watering hole.

Until next week…. join us on Monday 27th April at 3:30PM BST for episode 3; let your imagination run wild…who knows what we’ll spot next time.

Spotted on Sofa Safari #2
• A bachelor group of 5 elephants
• A crocodile
• Blacksmith lapwings
• Ottowa pride of lions
• A female golden orb web spider with a few small males
• Karl & Llané (Ulusaba’s General Managers!)