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#Sofa Safari - Episode 6

The most magical time in the bush, during golden hour, is one not to miss and safari viewers soaked up every moment during Ulusaba’s #SofaSafari this week. The game drive kicked off in the beautiful afternoon light in the most northern part of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, after some giraffes were spotted there heading east earlier in the day.

Tom & Brandon (with Ryan behind the camera) were delighted to see that the giraffes had taken a slight detour, allowing safari fans to catch a glimpse of a large male, female and baby giraffe in the nick of time. With the female giraffe gazing intently at something, the game drive was about to take a potentially very interesting turn…

They say the best sightings are those unplanned, so Tom & Brandon excitedly followed the female giraffe’s eyeline to find 13-year-old Dawane, one of our popular resident male leopards. Dawane seemed very relaxed and was looking at some impala in the distance. Like last week’s game drive, the impalas appeared to be making a racquet as rutting season continued.

Moments later Dawane set off, heading towards the impala but was met by wild dogs from the Sans pack. It turns out both the leopard and the wild dogs had the same idea for their evening meal. With the competition taking a slow turn and sundowners calling, Tom & Brandon decided to leave the wildlife to it and handed over to Stu & Brad (with Trevor filming).

They parked up at the local watering hole (quite literally) and joined General Managers Karl & Llané… oh and some resident hippos, for a well-deserved drink.

Watch episode 6 on YouTube here.

Spotted on Sofa Safari #6
• Giraffes
• Male leopard, Dawane
• Impalas
• Wild dogs (Sans pack)
• Hippos