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Sanding on!

Hi there all,

After a long wait for extra sand bags (which I might add did not appear), we decided to finish off the building using potato bags! Yes potato bags - as we like to say a lot around here - Make a Plan - and a plan we made!

So after returning from my 3 week leave, Wonderful took me out to see the Eco-Crèche or Mandla's Crèche as it will be named! Yippeee Yippee Yay!


Almost complete Eco-Crèche!

It is looking good. We are painting this week and installing the water tank. Which disappeared out the Induna's yard, I might add. After some investigation this week, I located it and asked the perpetrators to return it immediately with no consequences. They only borrowed it for a funeral I was told: link: /blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/22-july-91.jpg ) - though it must be quite difficult to run off with huge 2500L bright green plastic barrel and nobody sees you - one has to be on one's toes all the time. How I laughed!

This should then take us to the end of 'building' process and towards the 'handing it over' process.

We will for sure be having a party to celebrate this grand project as well as a dedication to our great friend, Mandla, as this was the last project he worked on with Pride 'n Purpose and Virgin Unite!

We are getting there folks - watch this space!