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We’re raising money for Pride ‘n Purpose during ‘Arbor Month’

The guest experience at Ulusaba goes beyond adventures in the bush!

This yearPride 'n Purposeis joining forces with 'Reel Gardening' to celebrate 'Arbor Month' for the entire month of September 2011. The ultimate goal is to improve quality of life in many of the nearby villages, promote sustainable food sources and help low-income communities to grow vegetables in their own back gardens.

This year guests at Ulusaba in the month of September will be given the opportunity to purchase a 'soup garden' for families in the local villages. The 'soup garden' is a box containing pre-fertilized seeds that simply need planting, regular watering, and, six weeks later will provide vegetables to make a healthy soup consisting of carrots, onions, cabbages, spinach and beans. Our guests will also have the option to purchase individual vegetables and herb strips to add to the 'soup garden' and get their hands dirty by helping with the planting if they wish!

'Reel Gardening' has developed many low-cost products, including the 'soup garden' concept, to empower communities to implement their own sustainable food projects throughout South Africa and to help alleviate food shortages.

To find out more or to get involved in 'Arbor Month' or Pride 'n Purpose during your stay at Ulusaba please contact Lindsay at popup: true.