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Bush news - the Ximungwe pride has two new little ones!

With autumn upon us, the bush is starting to change into beautiful colours; the views of the reserve from Rock Lodge are spectacular. Some of our migratory birds have already left to go back North.

Our pack of Wild Dogs have been doing really well, they have been seen fairly regularly. The Alpha female is heavily pregnant and we are hoping that they will den in the Western Sector.

wild dog near Ulusaba

The Ximungwe pride has two new additions, a male and a female. They are about 10 weeks old. The mother has introduced them to the rest of the pride and now the five month old female cub has two new play mates. A few days ago, a small herd of buffalo had a nightmare come true, two of the big male lions ambushed them in the South and killed two of them. The herd then ran north and was intercepted by the Ximungwe Pride who killed another buffalo.

The three young cubs were able to gorge themselves for two days which should keep them strong and healthy for the next few weeks.

Two of our younger female Leopards, Metsi and Hlabankunzi, have been found on a few occasions in a territorial battle, close to Safari Lodge. This seems to be an area where both their territories overlap. We've had some great sightings of the two Leopards having the odd fight. Hlabankunzi female, which was Makwelas last cub before she died has had her first litter of cubs; she has been hiding them in a rocky out crop up in the hills near our neighbouring lodge. They are probably only 5-7 weeks old and still only suckling milk, we will hopefully get to see them when mom brings them to kills to introduce them to meat, which is normally after eight weeks.

As we move into autumn the night sky is also changing, we have been treated to some great evenings at our observatory. This time of year there are numerous objects to see, with "Saturn" been the favorite.

Take care
Trevor and the ranger team.

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