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Newborn critters & all health!

Hello fellow bloggers,

How have you all been?

Our wild world here around us has definitely been busy with allsorts of happenings...

Our days are shorter & the mornings very cold & the evening chilly, truly winter times for us!

Our misty mornings are absolutely breathtaking & spectacular views from the undulating vastness of the Ulusaba wilderness...

Yet another young white rhino calf joined us here in the bush & he is so relaxed towards the vehicles its unbelievable, normally young critters are skittish towards the vehicles until they realise we are not here to harm them but this little one absolutely performs in front of the vehicles.

Our only little lion cubbie is still doing just fine, she is so loving life in the bush. She is now almost 5 months old & everything around her fascinates her, even the tree trunks. Her mother is doing fine, the leading female of the Xhimungwe pride. Now that all the lionesses of this pride are pregnant, we could only wish them the very best & soon we will see their little fluffy bundles running around!

The Xhimungwe pride killed a bush buck in the dry river bed the Mabrak river South of Rock Lodge.

The Mapogo males on the other hand have been very busy marking their territory & moving all over the place ensuring no other nomadic or intrusive males that might kill their cub or steal their females.

The Ottawa pride has also stayed in this area for much longer & we hope they will permanently make the northern part of the reserve their territory, the Mapogo males are also the fathers of the pride's offspring & the females will mate with the males very soon once their cubs reached adolescence. In theory we should have at least 10 lion cubbies from the different females in the near future from the prides & that will be an absolute wonderful sight. This pride killed a buffalo which isn't an easy prey to take down at all! Nonetheless the reward is a lot of food for the whole pride!

We are also very blessed with Mabhiri female leopard & her very small cub which is about 3 or 4 weeks old. The cub is still a bit skittish towards the vehicles but that's normal, the cub still has bluish eyes & very small teeth. The cub is still mainly suckling from her mommy & solid food will only be munched when its older in a couple of weeks. Mabhiri really put up a show the other day when she had a stand off with a 3 meter long African Python, she eventually killed it & after a few days of munching on it hoisted it into a tree nearby.

We also had a couple of interesting sightings of another kind; a Black Mamba snake having a stand off with a slender mongoose, guess who won...the mongoose, yes the mongoose managed to irritate the snake in such away the the snake sailed away...on another occasion one of our rangers saw Red Billed Helmet Shrikes which are not common residents feeding a Thick Billed Cuckoo which is also not a very common sight to see.

Our wild dog sightings has been phenomenal, its unbelievable how fortunate we have been over the past few weeks for seeing the new pack of 3 adults roaming around in search for food & possible new territory.

A few days ago they killed a duiker antelope - to see events like these only makes us appreciate where we are & again it shows us how nature takes her course.

With all these wonderful sightings & events we bring yet another extraordinary African day to a close with a breathtaking sunset amongst tall trees on the bank of the Sand River...

Good Night Africa!!!
Duard and the team

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