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Just one game drive, you say?

If you have been reading our blog religiously, you will know all about our lions, elephants, general game, etc.

Today I'm going to write about something slightly different. This follows interesting events on just one game drive.

We hadn't been out for more than ten minutes when Pam, one of my guests wanted to take a picture of an animal track. At the next junction we found what we were looking for...

After a few minutes of inspecting the tracks, our tracker John suggested checking the airstrip. I would like to say it was more difficult than that, but the truth is it wasn't.My tracker said since it was cold that night the lions may have moved to the airstrip for the warmth on the asphalt, how right he was.

lion warming up on the asphalt

Everyone is always astonished as to how close we can get to our animals. These animals are not tame, but they are habituated to our presence. Here my guests sit only yards away from both the elephant and lioness in the back ground. All these encounters were completely safe, allowing the animals to approach only as close as he or she felt comfortable.

After leaving the lions, we ended back up at the airstrip this time watching a massive elephant bull. Looking for females he wasn't in the least bid interested in us. Here he passes the vehicle spitting distance from Greg and Pam sitting in the back of the vehicle. Pam didn't shake once and got "the money shot", (but did shake later.. well only a little)

Just when you think it can't get any better, as we were leaving the airstrip a huge rhino bull emerged from the edge of the airstrip. Here he passes the plane marking his territory as he went along. Three massive male animals all in the same area at the same time what were the chances?

Stuart Lowe

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