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Introducing our newest team member Dan

A bush update from Dan our newest team member at Ulusaba. Dan joins our team as trainee Range after training at Entabeni Nature Guide and has a BSC zoology degree but wants to guide so will be helping our Ranger and Tracker team over the few months.

Ulusaba Rock LodgeI arrived here at Ulusaba less than two weeks ago, after the waters from the recent floods receded just enough to allow passage into the Sabi Sands. It hasn't taken long to experience the magic of this pristine wilderness. I've been jumping on every I can, and already I've seen multiple leopards; one chased up a tree by the thundering roars of the three Mapogo males.

There was a pride of lions chased from a waterbuck kill by an angry mother elephant and her young as they caught the smell of dead flesh in the summer air.Just today a group of young white rhino were busy mowing a circle in the grass around a large termite mound, as fork-tailed drongos hawked insects from a perch just above their backs.

I've seen thousands of tiny, new African bullfrogs making their way from the pan in which they were born to larger, deeper waters.

The wild flowers tint the landscape with vibrant hues of purple, red, yellow and blue as the faithful, baking, African sun has begun to win the battle in drying the damp earth. The friendliness and hospitality of the staff here at Ulusaba, along with the beauty of Mother Nature in the Sabi Sand has left me with little fear, and much excitement about my next five months here.

Until next time,

Daniel Kehmna