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Fun, Laughter and lots of of singing!

As usual we have been busy bodies this last couple of weeks with Tree planting, setting up libraries, volunteers arriving, and soccer matches!

Back in June, Shell and her family, and Marisa and her mom arrived at Ulusaba for a few days of safari. Only for both of them to discover that Ulusaba would steal their hearts and less than 5 months later would be back. This time however not as guests but as Volunteers for Ulusaba's Community footprint Pride 'n Purpose.

After a few months of planning and organising it was set, Shell would be doing some much needed Teacher training at our pre-primary schools and Marisa would be giving workshops to our ladies on pre and post natal topic as well as the different contraception available.

But before they arrived a charity ball was held to help raise funds for some much needed teacher resources and after a successful party I believe most people onto hopped into bed after 5am - £2000 was raised to purchase recourses for the teachers to use during school hours! Thank you to all involved in the ball and the bidding a great success!

From the minute they landed here at Ulusaba, it was go go go! From settling into the staff village, to game drives, to observation days, to zooting to see the local clinic, to shopping at the traditional market day, to fighting fires, to travelling around on plastic chairs on the back of utility trucks, to teaching us South Africans all about S'Mores, to learning new recipes for a local Braai. But the best of all was the time, knowledge and skills they both departed on to all of us and our villages!

Shell focused on pre-primary teacher training with the ladies and got stuck into teaching them how to use what they have available. So tyre obstacle courses were built, plastic bottles became musical instruments, stones become counters and leaves become art! And best of all to use the resource their Mama gave them, the voices to sing and their bodies to dance! The topics covered were Music and Movement and indoor/outdoor play! An unbelievable amount of fun and learning was had and it sure was busy busy busy!

Marisa focused on contraception available and pre/post natal care for our ladies! Plenty of laughs from all workshops held as one can imagine when one can talk about cucumbers and condoms all in one sentence! All the ladies and teenagers departed with information we desperately needed on local contraception and how to have a safe and happy pregnancy!

We certainly had a great 8 days with these two ladies. Words will not be able to describe the impact they have had on the village and we certainly do hope that one day Shell and Marisa will return with some more crazy days, laughter, learning and fun! Ladies Thank you Nkomu from the bottom of our hearts!

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Arbour month has come to an end for 2010; with just over 200 peach, mango, naartjie and indigenous trees planted! September also happened to be an extremely hot one with days reaching 35 celsuis plus, it was no joke to go out planting trees. However, our Ulusaba Guests all got stuck in and sponsored trees and helped us plant them during their busy Safari day schedules! Thank you to all for participating and helping us green South Africa!

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Lots of love and Laughter until next time

Lindsay and David

Pride 'n Purpose Team

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