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Football, Wall Murals, and a first time flier

Well, another month of 2010 has flown by but what an exciting one! FIFA World Cup fever hit South Africa with a bang and it was no different out here in the bush!

Playing the game

Ulusaba got straight into the buzz of it all by kicking off 11th June 2010 with their very own match between Ulusaba Staff Ayoba, Yoba and Dumphries Arsenal! What a great morning this was. All the guests were invited out for the match as well as all the staff. Lots of vuvuzela's, makarapa's, dancing and singing! Great fun was had by all. What made this even more exciting was the fact the Dumphries Arsenal team were totally kitted out in new football kit. But this was only one of the nine teams that received football kit in Dumphries. One of Ulusaba guests managed a huge drive back home in England after visiting us and managed to get piles and piles of football kit gathered for our guys just in time for the football fever to start. A very big thank you goes to the Maidenbower colts and all involved there for this very successful drive! Also not forgetting our friends Julia and AJ Coleman for their contribution of football boots over the year much appreciated!

Ulusaba also had a big screen up for showing all the Bafana Bafana games for staff and guests alike. All the Ulusaba Staff were also treated with a big surprise on the day when we all received Bafana Bafana supporters T-Shirts - thanks goes to the Ulusaba management for our present - there certainly was a sea of yellow and green on the day!

June has also seen the beginning of our permaculture starter pack program. Again we used our friends Food and Trees for Africa to help us get this project off the ground. In a nutshell this program is the base package and includes the delivery of tools, seed and seedlings, compost, educational materials, a disposable camera to record the projects progress, a workshop with garden design and a follow up assessment and report. This package will offer the basic tools and resources that will allow motivated communities to develop a functional food garden. Pride 'n Purpose prides itself in creating self sustainable projects and by working with and teaching our local communities on how to! This particular project is one such project. A big shout out goes to the Audi group we recently had here at Ulusaba for getting their hands dirty for the day and helping us set up the food gardens. The Mahlahluvana Primary school art club and Adam and Lora Willard for the Peace corps have been busy again! Another themed wall mural is almost complete. Adam had mentioned to me how he would love to paint a world map and a south Africa map on the schools wall one to lively up the school but most importantly as a vital teaching material for the school.

The kids can see on a large scale the world map and are able to now identify different countries and get a perspective of where countries are! Nkomu munghana!

Last, but certainly not least we have had another volunteer out here for 10 days helping our dear friend Cornelius with going now that extra step. 2 years ago we had Paul and Genette Duffy with us for 6 months and the majority of Genette's time was setting up Cornelius business. Well Cornelius and Genette managed to do this successfully and now Mark Christophers stepped in to give him a top up course on marketing, pricing and advertising. Out this came a decision that Cornelius will benefit greatly from a visit to the bead warehouse were we order all his beads from. However this bead warehouse is in Johannesburg so Cornelius will be flying for the first time to Johannesburg in early July to meet up with Mark. What a great experience for Cornelius and an awesome opportunity for him to see other products and companies out there! Thank you to Mark for all your time and effort with Cornelius who has been imparted with some more and much valuable information to get his business really flying! Watch this space for some Cornelius branding!

Folks that's it for now more shortly on fun pumps, literacy centres and town visits!

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