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Elephant antics

We were sitting with a large herd of elephants enjoying the antics of a couple of calves who would approach the vehicle with ears spread and little trunks reaching out to catch our scent which made them turn tail and run. For almost an hour we slowly worked our way through the herd and toward a water hole where we hoped to catch some of them swimming. Most of the group had already moved on but a couple of the young bulls that where trailing the herd were having a ball of a time play fighting and wrestling close to the water's edge, much to the dismay of a large bull hippo that resides in the dam.

The young bulls noticed us and gave quite a show to scare us off but quickly became bored when we switched off the vehicle. The largest of the bulls threw an impressive temper tantrum and destroyed a small tree to work out his frustration before realising that there was something else he could try bully in the dam in the form of the hippo. He waded toward the bull but the hippo wanted no part in the game and submerged himself. We traced his progress under the water by the bubbles that he released and he moved more toward us. The elephant wasn't to give up so easily and surprised us by actually wading deeper and was sweeping ahead with his trunk. We watched him do this for almost 3 minutes and realised he was getting quite close to the hippo that should be almost ready to come up to breathe. Well when he did it was a surprise for both of them which had us in stitches! A very memorable sighting!

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