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Eco-Creche Update!

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is an update on the eco-creche! It sure is looking good - it is taking much longer than expected to build, but being a new style of building in this area - we want it to be perfect!

We went out there on Friday to see the movement on the building as we were very impressed with what we saw! Wonderful and Absalom are confident that we will be handed over the building by the end of the month - this gives us 7 days until completion.

Absalom plastering a side wall

We will then be able to go in there and place the Brightmat, the plastic blinds for the windows, the many crayons that were collected, the brand new toys and musical instruments - and basically kit it out ready for the kids to use!

Once this is done - the kids can start their new educational journey in a brand new building, there will be a celebration this day!

The vegetable garden is also being tendered to with great love. The ladies of the community are looking after the veggies and making sure that when the first day of school arrives - there will be fresh, organic vegetables ready for the pot!

The fence has also been erected around the creche to keep the goats and cows out and the children in! This week will be an interesting one - we will keep you updated as to when the keys are handed over to us for final beautification/kitted out and then handed over the the community!

Have a great week everyone!

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