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Eco-creche - A first in the area

The village of Newington lies a few kilometers west of the Ulusaba boundary and has a population of around 3500 people. At present the children of Newington have to cross over an operating train track and to date there have been a few accidents on the tracks.

The community approached Pride 'n Purpose for funding to help them construct a building for the kids. We agreed to this project but instead of just building another building, why not start educating the new generation about conservation and being eco-friendly. Hence the idea came up to go totally Green'

Something to smile about!

The building itself will be made from Ecobeams and Sand bags - yes that is sand bags!

  • The use of Ecobeams typically saves two thirds of the timber used in a classic timber frame construction

  • No electricity is required at the construction site and only minimal amounts of water and cement are required.

  • The end result is a very hard and reinforced cement finish.

  • No bricks lie around the site before, during or after completion, thus eliminating "site-clearing", which is a major cost factor on any building site.

  • Unused bags can be removed from the site overnight thus reducing the incidence of The Ecobeam System complies with all NHBRC requirements.

  • Construction can take place at locations to which road access is not provided.

  • This reduces the damage and congestion caused by heavy trucks which carry bricks and cement.

  • The "Ecobeam System" is much heavier than a brick construction and is therefore more wind resistant.

  • The "Ecobeam System" resists water penetration because the sand in the bags is a filter medium.

  • The "Ecobeam System" exhibits tremendous thermal stability.

  • The occupants will be kept cool in summer and warm in winter.

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And what about all the materials to go into the school - well it will be powered by Solar power, have water harvesters in place to collect precious rain, a jungle gym made of re-cycled plastic and lap desks!

We will be starting the build TOMORROW!!!! Very exciting!

We aren't doing this by ourselfs - Virgin Unite has stepped in; as well as 10 very lucky Virgin Employees worldwide who have won this oppurtunity to spend 5 days with Pride 'n Purpose getting their hands dirty. They will all be joining us in late April to help complete this building!

Don't forget about Earth Hour on the 28th March 2008 - log onto for more information!

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