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Celebrating Arbor Month

Hi All,

The Month of September in South Africa is Arbor month - and Ulusaba will be recognising this by planting, planting, planting....

For just ZAR80 - you can sponsor a fruit tree to be planted in our local village of Dumphries where we are hoping to plant 400 trees and more in the month of September or alternatively for only ZAR300 - you can come and plant it yourself - yip that is correct, you pay us and we use you to do the hard work! This is available everyday from the 1st September - 30th September.

On the 25th September, we will be hosting a special event in the village where we will be planting 120 fruit trees with the help of a Food and Trees Representative - The more man/woman power we have on the day, the better chance we have on succeeding.

So, to get involved in this worthwhile greening cause - please email myself on or leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Have a great week all, Lindsay

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